Test-driven development by example. Kent Beck

Test-driven development by example

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Test-driven development by example Kent Beck
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

I recently recorded how I used TDD to solve a sample problem. I think lots of clever people like debugging. May 1, 2014 - Is this an example of Cory's “context” position, where I correctly determined when not to use TDD? Mar 30, 2012 - So why do I hate TDD? Now, it's been several years since I learned and practised TDD. That book was very good and was focused on how to write good unit tests. Mar 28, 2011 - The last installment of our series introduced Test-First Programming and briefly discussed its refinements: Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development. Jan 1, 2012 - For example, I use one metaphor when describing the business value of TDD with the organization's leadership, and another when describing the personal value to the members of the development team. Dec 1, 2009 - Book cover I earlier wrote about the book, The Art of Unit Testing, which I finished a while ago. It's a book on Test-Driven Development, a software. I thought the book was well-organized. At a superficial level, yes… but here's where things break down. I love someone having a problem, coming to me, looking at it together, getting up to walk around, look at the So, for example, even if we have unit tests for our game code, we have no way to run them because getting the game hooked up into CI is difficult, so we'd have to build more custom solutions, which only gets us further into the hole. Jul 31, 2012 - This is my third time read. Nov 23, 2010 - I spent some time working though TDD using C# over the last week. Test driven development is a simple development practice that allows you to demonstrate gaps in functionality, or prove bugs, before going on to writing the code to add the functionality or fix the defect, resulting in, among other things, a suite… Aside from the automated test suite, you also for free get documentation (yes code can be documentation) of real examples of how to use your classes or methods. May 10, 2014 - Even when they talked about their alternative methods (Kent talking about times he doesn't use TDD, for example) they still always talked about having something to look at as an inherent part of the development process. Sep 8, 2011 - This is our unbiased book review of Test Driven Development: By Example book, written by Kent Beck. When I read it first time, I didn't know much of TDD and wanted to grasp its concept. Each chapter has small-enough chunks of logic broken down and demonstrating his points was great.

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